Frigga launch a low-cost, single-use traditional USB data logger

This month, Frigga further expanded their already varied product line. In addition to wireless, real-time dataloggers, the company announced another USB-datalogger which is cheap and disposable, but also lasts 90 days: Frigga U2.


According to the marketing department of Frigga, the U2 datalogger uses a digital microchip to measure temperature. This design keeps the cost price extremely low. The company suggests the use of these disposable USB-dataloggers in conjunction with Frigga's wireless, real-time monitoring products during the transportation process of fruit and vegetables.


In other words, this combination allows for real-time, online monitoring solutions while at the same time keeping the cost price of individual transport low. Not only does the Frigga U2 perform better than other traditional USB-dataloggers in the market, while at the same time offering a better price-quality ratio, the Frigga U2 also has several distinguishing features that are now introduced to the global supply chain industry for the first time. The Frigga U2 improves data management and operations. More details are available and everyone is invited to contact the Frigga marketing department.