Frigga releases 4G temperature monitor with Lithium battery & Non-Li version

   Frigga officially launched   single-use real-time 4G temperature monitor  V5 Series .


   Compared with the similar features temperature monitor in the market,  the Frigga  4G temperature monitor V5-Series  has 5 outstanding features:


    1,  Our design includes one more models to support  Non-lithium battery, which satisfies the specific demand from clients who use our monitor  in air transportation. 

    2,  In addition to basic functionalities, FRIGGA's exclusive algorithm optimizes the device power consumption. We announced that 4G device with display has the same use time with 2G device by using the same battery.

    3,  V5-series can measure temperatures range of -200℃~+100℃, which satisfies the unique requirements in various industries

    4,V5 series makes use of a number of frequencies to ensure global coverage.

    5,Display design brings better user experience, the world's first cost-effective 4G global single-use real-time temperature monitor with  display.


    Frigga real-time cold chain solution can monitor temperature, humidity, and shock sensors, as well as frames for extended probes, and supports dual-temperature and dual-channel real-time monitoring. With Frigga's cloud platform and mobile app, 24/7 real-time duel-temperature monitoring and warning for cargoes in transit can be achieved. In addition, data can be backed up and reports can be downloaded both locally and from the cloud to realize zero data loss. Real-time visualization of the entire transportation process can be achieved and losses during transit can be reduced.


    Frigga as a research and technical background company with 15 years of experience in wireless communication , our device keep the traditional USB logger’s habit with  real-time functionto create a perfect user experience and help customers realize supply chain visualization and reduces cargo damage.