The first 3G logger, global coverage

Support different temperatures: 

Room temperature, refrigeration, freezing, dry ice, liquid nitrogen

Rich data types: Temperature,  humidity, light,shock, location, route.

The thinnest real-time temperature logger.

Keep the USB function, get the PDF report via USB.

Real-time display data: temperature, location, route.

Low Temperature Stability

NIST Calibration

PDF + CSV dual data reports

Medical grade real-time temperature and humidity logger

Liquid nitrogen, dry ice, blue ice, different temperatures.

Various usage scenarios:  insulation box(inside, outside), refrigerator car


FRIGGA is an independent brand. All products under this brand belong to Pilot IOT (HK) Technology Limited. Meanwhile, the brand has some branches around the world, such as Shanghai, China, Singapore, Turkey, Australia and other places.

Rely on extensive design experience in wireless devices, FRIGGA is aiming to provide innovative Real-Time solutions to solve the increased and complex demanding in cold chain transportation, to guard your precious cargo during the whole journey...